Vitotronic 200 HO1B Weather Compensation Control with OTS

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Vitotronic 200 HO1B Weather Compensation Control with Outdoor Temperature Sensor - For Vitodens 200-W (WB2C to B1*A types).

Weather compensation controls are a great low cost way to make a boiler operate more efficiently.
They can save up to 15% of annual fuel bills – that's on top of the big savings that you get from changing to a condensing boiler.

The new Vitotronic generation of programming and control units introduces user prompts for setting and controlling heating systems.
Navigation is as easy as can be and mirrors the well known scroll wheel you are familiar with.
Notice the sophisticated black fascia of the new Vitotronic series of compact appliances, with its rich contrast of black and white on the front fascia.
It features a multi-line plain text display with large, easily legible fonts and the display is 70% larger than comparable devices.
The display can show graphics including heating curves and can show the solar yield in interactive mode.
It is also backlit and, thanks to the clear monochrome contrast is easily legible even in poorly lit installations.

The programming unit of the Vitotronic can be removed from the front of these appliances and can be sited up to 5 m away from the boiler, enabling installation in areas with restricted access, e.g. if the boiler is installed in a garage or loft. See 'Vitotronic Mounting Base' below.

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