Vitosol 100-FM SVKF (on roof) Slates 2 Panels 4.04m2

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Vitosol 100-FM – high performance flat-plate collector with switching ThermProtect absorber layer.
Available with an aluminium coloured frame, the powerful Vitosol 100-FM flat-plate collector is the perfect addition to any heating system.
On average, they can replace up to 60 percent of the energy that would otherwise be required each year for DHW heating and contribute to central heating backup.
When used in conjunction with a condensing boiler, free solar energy can help you reduce your annual energy consumption for heating and DHW by over one third.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • No overheating or vapour formation in the case of low heat demand
  • Higher solar coverage for central heating backup and DHW heating
  • Universally suitable for above roof installation, roof integration, flat roof installation, or wall mounting (additional fittings will be required)
  • High performance flat-plate collector with switching ThermProtect absorber layer

Solar kits include:
  • Solar collectors
  • Roof fixing kit
  • Hydraulic connection set
  • Solar Divicon PS10 HE Pump Station with high efficiency pump and Vitosolic 100 controller
  • Solar expansion vessel, 25 ltr
  • Tyfocor LS 25 litres solar fluid

Not included is flexi pipe, this must be ordered separately, see 'Accessories' tab above.

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