Vitoset Watersoftener VS74

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Vitoset Watersoftener VS74.

Improving your living comfort and safeguarding household investments.

Water softeners prevent scale buildup in pipes and appliances, extending their lifespan and maintaining efficiency.
They ensure consistent water flow and energy efficiency, especially in heaters.
Soft water aids in easier cleaning, reducing soap scum and lime deposits. Additionally, it reduces soap and detergent use, offering cost savings and environmental benefits.
Overall, softening water protects pipework and enhances appliance functionality.

Features and benefits of the VS74:

  • Large housefold: Suitable for 1 to 9 people.
  • Economical: Reverse flow regeneration that allows you to regenerate only the exhausted resins (reduces consumption by up to 50%)
  • Simple Programming: In just a few seconds the water softener is working
  • Dry Salt Vat: Brine comes prepared only when necessary, thus avoiding any water leaks, salt bridges and bacterial proliferation
  • Strong construction: Reinforced resin bottle for perfect solidity and longer life
  • Efficient: Exclusinve efficiency feature that maximizes salt efficiancy and limits the amount of sodium sent to the drain during regeneration

    Standard Delivery:

  • 1x Water Softener Unit
  • 1x By pass fittings
  • 1x Water test kit
  • 2x 1 metere 3/4 flexible hoses.
  • 1x 2 metre drain and overflow hose
  • Water softener salt starter pack
  • Installation pack - With various clips, brackets, mains power supply adaptor etc.
  • Installation manual

    By mitigating the effects of hard water, water softeners play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your home's plumbing system and the efficiency and longevity of your household appliances.

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    Vitoset Watersoftener VS74 Buying into Viessmann.

    Viessmann use their best endeavours to ensure that their products are manufactured without any manufacturing or material defects.
    The terms and conditions for water softeners is 7 years parts and 2 years parts and labour: Viessmann Direct will arrange an engineer's visit - call 0333 1231233

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