Vitocal 150-A Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW

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Vitocal 150‑A Air Source Heat Pump.

Type AWO-M-E-AC-AF 151.A13 Single Phase 230V 13kW

Monoblock heat pump with indoor and outdoor units:

  • For room heating/cooling and DHW heating, up to 70 °C flow temperature
  • Monoblock indoor unit with heat pump control unit
  • High efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit
  • 4-3-way diverter valve and safety assembly
  • Integral instantaneous heating water heater
  • Integral buffer cylinder and overflow valve

Heat pump control unit for weather-compensated operation.

  • 7-inch colour touchscreen with energy cockpit
  • WiFi hotspot for local service without internet connection
  • Internet connection via WiFi
  • Control of a DHW circulation pump
  • Control of an instantaneous heating water heater
  • Active cooling control function
  • Integral heat meter
  • Setting of low-noise mode for the outdoor unit
  • Optimised energy management, e.g. in conjunction with photovoltaic system, power storage system
  • Display of energy flows in the ViCare app and ViGuide

AF Version:

  • With integral electric ribbon heater in the condensate pan
  • Permissible operating pressure: Heating water 3 bar (0.3 MPa)
  • Colour of indoor unit: Vitopearlwhite
  • Colour of outdoor unit: Vitosilver
  • Low running costs thanks to high COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511: Up to 5.0 at A7/W35
  • Output control and DC inverter for high efficiency in partial load operation
  • A maximum flow temperature of up to 70 °C at an outside temperature of -10 °C enables use in both new build and modernisation projects.
  • Self-optimising control of the flow rate via Viessmann Hydro AutoControl
  • Environmentally responsible, natural refrigerant R290 with a particularly low GWP of 0 (GWP = Global Warming Potential)
  • Convenient reversible design for heating and cooling
  • Especially quiet operation thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD)
  • Web-enabled through integral WiFi or service link
  • Operation, optimisation, maintenance and service via ViCare app and ViGuide
  • Guided commissioning via ViGuide

Standard delivery:

Complete heat pump in monoblock version, comprising an indoor and outdoor unit.

Indoor unit:

  • Integral 4/3-way valve for central heating/DHW heating/bypass
  • Integral high efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit
  • Integral instantaneous heating water heater
  • Integral 16 litre buffer cylinder
  • Integral safety valve and digital pressure gauge
  • Weather-compensated heat pump control unit with outside temperature sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Wall mounting bracket, standard connection pipes
  • 10 l diaphragm expansion vessel

Outdoor unit:

  • Inverter-controlled compressor, 4-way diverter valve, electronic expansion valve, evaporator, condenser, EC fan
  • Factory-filled with refrigerant R290
  • Heating water filter upstream of condenser
  • Transport aid for outdoor unit
  • AF version: With integral electric ribbon heater for the condensate pan

Important Notes.

  • Heat pumps must be commissioned by Viessmann Technical Service or a specialist heat pump contractor certified by Viessmann
  • A hydraulic connection set must also be ordered to install the appliances; see "Accessories"
  • If the heat pump is being installed to modernise a heating system, a dirt separator with magnet is essential; see "Accessories"

Viessmann ViCare Application:

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW

Mobile applications and energy management systems.

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Connectivity Inside.

Connectivity inside is the intergrated WiFi interface for operating and servicing systems using Viessmann Apps.

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Communication technology.

ViCare app – mobile applications for system users:

  • Mobile operation of the heating system for heating and DHW.
  • Assistance functions and fault display with option for direct connection to a contractor for service requests.

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Tools for service, maintenance and commissioning.

ViGuide – mobile applications for trade partners:

  • Service and maintenance with ViGuide for optimising workflows in the Viessmann trade partner's business.
  • Ensures customer-friendly online service for the system user, provided they have enabled service via the ViCare app.
  • Straightforward and efficient commissioning of heat generators with integral communication module and battery storage systems, performed by heating contractors using Viguide.
  • In addition to the free version, ViGuide Plus and ViGuide Pro are also available as paid-for versions with additional analysis, remote maintenance and optimisation functions.

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW

Energy management systems.

Viessmann energy management:

  • Viessmann energy management is integrated into the latest generation of Viessmann heat pumps and energy storage units
  • It enables balanced operation of the components in the house that generate, consume or store electricity.
  • The focus is on optimising self-consumption of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems.
  • The energy management system provides extended information about electricity flows and also CO2 savings.
  • If desired, customers can add further optimisation levels in the ViCare app.

For more information on the system requirements, the functions and use, see Viessmann's Main Website Energy Management

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kW Buying into Viessmann.

Viessmann Vitocal heat pumps provide customers with the comfort and peace of mind of a free parts and labour repair service subject to the terms and conditions below and the warranty period of your heat pump.
During the period of the warranty, Viessmann will at their option, repair or replace a heat pump free of charge where it suffers a mechanical or an electrical breakdown as a result of defective workmanship or materials, subject to the following conditions and exclusions.

Warranty qualification requirements

For standard warranty of 2 years, you or your installer can register the installation, using the online option available at Vitocal Registration.

Great Britain:

In order for your heat pump to qualify for a warranty longer than 2 years, your installation must be registered with Viessmann within 30 days, the model must be valid for a longer warranty and must be installed by a Viessmann Trained Installer.

For the sale of extended warranties, your heat pump installer must be registered as trained by Viessmann, your installer must register your installation within 30 days using the online option available and you must pay for the extended warranty.

Heat Pump Model Standard Warranty Trained Installer Only Chargeable Upgrade Options
Vitocal 100-A 2 Years 5 Years 7 Year warranty + £ Fee
Vitocal 150-A 2 Years 5 Years 7 Year warranty + £ Fee
Vitocal 151-A 2 Years 5 Years 7 Year warranty + £ Fee
Vitocal 200-A 2 Years 5 Years 7 Year warranty + £ Fee
Vitocal 222-A 2 Years 5 Years 7 Year warranty + £ Fee

Vitocal Warranty terms & conditions.

Vitocal 150-A  Air Source Heat Pump 230V 13kWReturn of Goods.

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Condition is all important, an item should have been treated in the same way as if it was on sale in a shop, unopened and unused with seals intact.
Large palleted items (boilers, heat pumps, cylinders etc.) must be returned as delivered, strapped and wrapped to the pallet, unopened.


Our returns policy can be found here.

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