Vitosol 100-FM SVKF (on roof) Pantiles 2 Panels 4.04m2

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Vitosol 100-FM
Patented by Viessmann; the switching absorber coating protects high-performance flat-plate collectors against overheating and stagnation.
The high-performance flat-plate collectors are an ideal addition to any heating system. With a kit total absorber area of  4.04m2, these solar collectors adapt to specific energy requirements. On average, they replace up to 60 percent of the energy required to heat domestic hot water every year while also helping to provide backup heating. When combined with a condensing boiler, users can even cut their annual energy consumption for heating and hot water by more than a third.

Straightforward system engineering.
The temperature-dependent shutdown of these two collectors is entirely independent of system configuration and control unit settings. Solar thermal systems are, therefore, completely fail-safe. The thermal loads on system components and the heat transfer medium always stay within their normal range. This increases service life and operational reliability compared to conventional solar thermal systems. In addition to robust operation, collectors with temperature-dependent shutdown are also more tolerant of incorrect sizing.

Features and benefits:

  • High operational reliability and long service life thanks to lower stagnation temperatures
  • Independent of controller settings, power failures and mechanical devices (e.g. dampers)
  • Significantly lower stress on system components
  • Can easily be sized for large plants
  • Immediate restart after system standstill
  • Simplified component selection (e.g. smaller expansion vessels)
  • Benefits for the user:
  • No overheating problems in summer or when residents are away from home
  • Higher solar coverage for central heating backup and DHW heating

Vitodens 242-F solar kits include:

  • Solar collector(s)
  • Roof fixing kit
  • Hydraulic connection set
  • Solar expansion vessel (25 litres)
  • Expansion vessel connection set
  • Tyfocor LS 25 litres solar fluid

Flexi flow return stainless steel pipes should be ordered separately.
They are available in 6m, 12m and 15m lengths. See 'Accessories' tab above:

Description RRP Price Availability Quantity
Solar flexi pipe 6m (twin) (with connection set) Solar flexi pipe 6m (twin) (with connection set) RRP: £416.40 Price: £305.93 inc VAT Availability: call for availability Quantity:
Solar flexi pipe 12m (twin) (with connection set) Solar flexi pipe 12m (twin) (with connection set) RRP: £1,000.80 Price: £735.28 inc VAT Availability: 1 In Stock Quantity:
Solar flexi pipe 15m (twin) (with connection set) Solar flexi pipe 15m (twin) (with connection set) RRP: £1,180.80 Price: £867.53 inc VAT Availability: 1 In Stock Quantity:

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