Vitotrol 300A Remote Control 3 Heating Circuits

£222.76 inc VAT

For setting one, two or up to three heating circuits:

  • Set room temperature and reduced set room temperature, DHW temperature, heating and holiday programs, plus party and economy functions
  • Time program for the heating circuits, DHW cylinder and DHW circulation pump
  • Backlit graphic display to show outside temperature, room temperature, operating conditions and plain text
  • Room temperature sensor for room temperature hook-up (only for one heating circuit with mixer)

    If the Vitotrol 300A is used for room temperature hook-up, site the device in a main living room (lead room). Order room temperature sensor, part no. 7438537, if the Vitotrol 300A cannot be sited in a suitable location to capture the room temperature.

    Max. 2 Vitotrol per Vitotronic.

    Vitodens 200-W Vitotronic 200
    Vitodens 222-F Vitotronic 200
    Vitodens 242-F
    Vitorondens 200-T

Description RRP Price Availability Quantity
7438537 Room Temperature Sensor Room Temperature Sensor RRP: £109.20 Price: £61.43 inc VAT Availability: call for availability Quantity:

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