Vitosol 300-TM Tube Collector

Vitosol 300-TM Tube Collector.

The Vitosol 300-TM, Viessmann offers a high-performance vacuum tube collector that meets the highest demands in terms of efficiency and safety.

Benefits & features:
High Yield. The Vitosol 300-TM high-performance collector is one of the most efficient models on the market and is particularly suitable for use in limited spaces, due to the individual alignment of the absorber tubes. It delivers an above-average yield of +/- 25 degrees even in less favourable sunlight conditions.

Use. The collector is designed for use in family homes and apartment buildings.

Thermal protection. The Vitosol 300-TM is the only collector on the market to date that can be installed lying flat and also has the ThermProtect automatic temperature switch-off. It prevents overheating in case of stagnant heat and high solar radiation. This means that the Vitosol 300-TM is suitable for buildings that are not in use all year round, such as residential buildings during the holiday season.

Above Average service life. The Vitosol 300-TM is designed for an above-average service life. High-quality, corrosion-resistant materials such as glass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel are used. The absorber is integrated into the vacuum tube, which protects it from the effects of the weather and provides a permanent protection against dust and dirt.

Fast, simple and safe installation. The on-roof mounting system simplifies the installation of the collectors. The rafter hooks and flange are screwed directly onto the rafters and thus enable the collectors to be perfectly adapted to the respective roof covering. To save further installation time, two mounting rails are also used.
In the case of servicing, the heat pipe tubes can be quickly and easily replaced even when the system is full due to the dry connection.

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