Vitocell 200-V Single Coil

The Vitocell range of unvented hot water storage cylinders are indirectly heated cylinders designed for use with Vitodens System boilers (or UK standard boilers).

With a Vitodens system boiler the cylinder is controlled by the built-in diverter valve and the cylinder sensor (standard delivery).
It comes supplied with all cold and hot water controls, and a two-port valve for domestic hot water.
The single coil cylinders are available in seven sizes, from 90 litres to 300 litres.
The cylinders are manufactured from the very latest high specification Duplex Stainless Steel to resist all forms of corrosion, nevertheless, the cylinders are light and easy to handle.
With at least 50 mm of polyurethane foam insulation the cylinders maintain astonishingly low levels of heat loss and a performance greater than CHESS requirements.

All Vitocell 200 cylinders are provided with an auxiliary back up 3kW electric immersion heater.

To install the Vitocell with a third party boiler a safety kit (7663214) is available for operating thermostat and energy cut-out, and traditional 'S' or 'Y' plan systems.

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