Vitotronic 200 HO2B Weather Compensation Control with OTS

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Vitotronic 200 HO2B Weather Comp Control with Outdoor Temperature Sensor.

Control unit with colour touchscreen and energy cockpit.
The new Vitotronic 200 control unit in the Vitodens 200 series makes energy consumption transparent, as it provides the system user with continuous energy updates. It also informs users about boiler power and gas consumption.

Convenient operation at your fingertips.
The 5-inch touchscreen clearly displays all important data in the form of colourful pictograms and text. The main control functions are immediately accessible via Favourites. Along with clear menu structures, this makes operating the heating system particularly easy and convenient.

Energy cockpit for smart energy management.
Along with the attractive design and the high level of operating convenience, the new display provides comprehensive control of the gas consumption for heating and domestic hot water heating in the form of an energy cockpit. If a solar thermal system is connected, solar yields are also captured and displayed. Colourful histograms also display all data optionally as daily, weekly, monthly or annual values. This enables users to comprehensively control and influence their consumption.
In conjunction with the Vitocell 200/300* dual mode system cylinder for DHW heating, the energy cockpit also provides detailed information on the cylinder loading status, temperature stratification and temperature curves. The system is also shown schematically. Furthermore, the extent to which a particular energy source (solar or gas) has contributed to DHW heating is also documented.

  • Only if installed as a 4 pipe system.

Please Note: The Vitotronic 200 HO2B is only compatible with the following:

  • Vitodens 200-W B2HB B2KB
  • Vitodens 222-F B2TB
  • Vitodens 242-F B2UB

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