Vitoconnect Opto2

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Vitoconnect Opto2.

Vitoconnect Opto2 internet interface for remote control of heating systems via the Internet ViCare app. Vitoconnect connects to the Internet.
It is connected directly to the Vitotronic 200 control via a cable. A plug-in power supply is included in the delivery.
The adapter, which is only ten by ten centimetres in size, is designed for wall mounting.

Overview of supported controls with Vitoconnect Opto2.

Viessmann boiler with Vitotronic control and Optolink connection.

Controls for wall-mounted or compact devices:

  • Vitotronic 200 (Type HO1, HO1A, HO1B, HO1D, HO2B, HO2C)
  • Vitotronic 200-RF (Type HO1C, HO1E)

Controls for floor standing boilers:

  • Vitotronic 200 (Type KO1B, KO2B, KW6, KW6A, KW6B,KW1, KW2, KW4, KW5)
  • Vitotronic 300 (Type KW3)

Control systems for heat pumps and hybrid devices:

  • Vitotronic 200 (Type W01A, W01B, W01C)

Controls for solid fuel boilers:

  • Vitoligno 300-C with Ecotronic (Software version 2.12)
  • Vitoligno 300-P with Vitotronic 300 (Type FO1)

Plug and Play.

Plug and play is used to connect and register the module with the Internet.
All you need to do is scan the enclosed QR code with your smartphone.

Mobile Devices.

Vitoconnect Opto2 is compatible with mobile devices and operating systems from iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4. Control LEDs indicate the data communication between the boiler and the Internet.

Functions when operating with the ViCare app

  • For remote control of a heating system with 1 heat generator via internet and WLAN with DSL router
  • For remote control of all heating circuits in a heating system
  • Setting of operating programs, set values and time programs
  • Scanning system information
  • Displaying messages on the ViCare app user interface
  • Displaying consumption data

Note: For more information, see ViCare app

Standard delivery

  • WLAN module for connection with the DSL router, for wall mounting
  • Connection line with Optolink/USB (WLAN module/boiler control unit, 3 m long)
  • Power cable with plug-in power supply unit (1 m long)

On-site requirements

  • Heating system with Vitoconnect Opto2
  • Before commissioning, check the system requirements for communication via local IP networks/WLAN.
  • Internet connection with flat rate data (without time or volume restrictions)
  • Mains power supply (13 amp socket).

Viessmann ViCare Application:

Vitoconnect Opto2 Vitoconnect Opto2

Description RRP Price Availability Quantity
Z011224 Vitocom 100 LAN 1 with LON module Vitocom 100 LAN 1 with LON module RRP: £765.60 Price: £468.73 inc VAT Availability: call for availability Quantity:
Z011471 Vitotrol 200 RF pack Vitotrol 200 RF Wireless Pack RRP: £588.00 Price: £360.00 inc VAT Availability: 1 In Stock Quantity:
Z008341 Vitotrol 200-A Vitotrol 200-A Wired Remote Control RRP: £262.80 Price: £160.90 inc VAT Availability: call for availability Quantity:

Mobile applications and energy management systems.

Vitoconnect Opto2 Connectivity Inside.

Connectivity inside is the intergrated WiFi interface for operating and servicing systems using Viessmann Apps.

Vitoconnect Opto2 Communication technology.

ViCare app – mobile applications for system users:

  • Mobile operation of the heating system for heating and DHW.
  • Assistance functions and fault display with option for direct connection to a contractor for service requests.

Vitoconnect Opto2 Vitoconnect Opto2

Vitoconnect Opto2 Tools for service, maintenance and commissioning.

ViGuide – mobile applications for trade partners:

  • Service and maintenance with ViGuide for optimising workflows in the Viessmann trade partner's business.
  • Ensures customer-friendly online service for the system user, provided they have enabled service via the ViCare app.
  • Straightforward and efficient commissioning of heat generators with integral communication module and battery storage systems, performed by heating contractors using Viguide.
  • In addition to the free version, ViGuide Plus and ViGuide Pro are also available as paid-for versions with additional analysis, remote maintenance and optimisation functions.

Vitoconnect Opto2 Vitoconnect Opto2

Energy management systems.

Viessmann energy management:

  • Viessmann energy management is integrated into the latest generation of Viessmann heat pumps and energy storage units
  • It enables balanced operation of the components in the house that generate, consume or store electricity.
  • The focus is on optimising self-consumption of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems.
  • The energy management system provides extended information about electricity flows and also CO2 savings.
  • If desired, customers can add further optimisation levels in the ViCare app.

For more information on the system requirements, the functions and use, see Viessmann's Main Website Energy Management

Vitoconnect Opto2 Buying into Viessmann.

Viessmann use their best endeavours to ensure that their products are manufactured without any manufacturing or material defects.
The standard terms and conditions guarantee that Viessmann will fix or replace any manufacturing or material defects free of charge within a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

Viessmann Warranty Overview

Vitoconnect Opto2Return of Goods.

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Condition is all important, an item should have been treated in the same way as if it was on sale in a shop, unopened and unused with seals intact.
Large palleted items (boilers, heat pumps, cylinders etc.) must be returned as delivered, strapped and wrapped to the pallet, unopened.


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