Solar heat exchanger set (Divicon)

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Solar heat exchanger set.

For connecting solar thermal systems to heat pump compact appliances.


  • Connections matched to Solar-Divicon for direct mounting below the Solar-Divicon
  • Suitable for systems to DIN 4753. Up to a total water hardness of 20 °dH (3.6 mol/m3)
  • Max. collector surface area that can be connected:
    – 5 m2 flat-plate collectors
    – 3 m2 tube collectors


  • Circulation pump
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Connection pipes G ¾ (male thread)
  • Sensor well for the cylinder temperature sensor (connection to electronics module SDIO/SM1A for solar control)
  • Thermal insulation
  • Connection elbow with sensor well


The hydraulic connections for the solar circuit can optionally be routed either upwards or downwards from the appliance.


Type Unit
Permissible temperatures
Solar side 140°C
Heating water side 110°C
DHW side for boiler operation 95°C
For solar operation 60°C
Permissible operating presssure Solar/heating/DHW 10/1.0 bar/MPa
Test pressure 13/1.3 bar/MPa
Circulation pump power supply 230V 50Hz
Max. operating temp in flow line 150°C
IP rating 42

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