Vitocal 200-G Ground Source Heat Pumps

The floorstanding Vitocal 200-G brine/water heat pumps recover heat from high yielding heat sources.
For this purpose, a geothermal bore hole or geothermal collector must be installed on the property.
As an alternative, depending on the location, it may also be possible to utilise the thermal energy contained in the groundwater.

With its good price/performance ratio, the Vitocal 200-G compact brine/water heat pump is ideally suited to new build and modernisation projects.
Its innovative technology, with efficient compliant scroll compressor, enables it to achieve a maximum flow temperature of 60 °C.
In all these cases, these appliances cover the entire energy demand, even on colder days.

Two heating circuits for tailored heating convenience.

  • The heat pump meets all the requirements for a newly built detached or semi-detached house.
  • The Vitotronic 200 weather-compensated control unit allows two separate heating circuits to be integrated (accessories required)

Vitotronic 200 control unit with optional app control.

  • The Vitotronic 200 control unit, with plain text and graphic display, is simple and intuitive to use.
  • Settings can quickly be changed via the menu.
  • Control via the internet through the Vitotrol app on a mobile device is also an option (control accessory).

Natural Cooling

  • The natural cooling function is already included.
  • To use this, the Vitocal 200-G must be equipped with an NC-Box (accessory).

Straightforward installation

  • The Vitocal 200-G is delivered as standard complete with integral high efficiency pumps for the brine and heating circuits, a circulation pump for cylinder heating, and a safety assembly.
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Description RRP Price Availability Quantity
Vitocal 200-G Angle 1000px Vitocal 200-G BWC201.A06 5.6 kW RRP: £7,422.00 Price: £4,824.30 inc VAT Availability: Back Order Quantity:
Vitocal 200-G Angle 1000px Vitocal 200-G BWC201.A08 7.5kW RRP: £8,028.00 Price: £5,218.20 inc VAT Availability: Back Order Quantity:
Vitocal 200-G Angle 1000px Vitocal 200-G BWC201.A10 9.7kW RRP: £8,590.80 Price: £5,584.02 inc VAT Availability: Back Order Quantity:

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