Vitocal 222-A AWOT-M-E-AC 221.A10 9.5kW Heating and cooling with below ground connection

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Vitocal 222-A AWOT-M-E-AC 221.A04 4.2kW Heating and cooling with below ground connection

Heating only air source heat pump with 230V electric drive for central heating and DHW.
Comprises of an outdoor unit and monoblock indoor unit with an integral 220 Litre capacity DHW cylinder.

Vitotronic 200 heat pump control, high efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit, 3-way diverter valve and safety assembly.
Up to 60 °C flow temperature.

Take advantage of these benefits

Benefits for the installer:

  • Very quiet operation, less than 35 dBa from 3 metres
  • Quick and straightforward installation of the monobloc indoor unit
  • Installation requires no F - Gas certification
  • No minimum clearances required between indoor and outdoor units
  • High quality components for long lasting, robust operation
  • Integral 40 Litre buffer vessel to ensure minimum system volume
  • Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display
  • Single phase, 230V power supply
  • Easy front access to all components
Benefits for users:
  • Instantaneous domestic hot water heating thanks to integral 220 litre DHW cylinder
  • Low operating costs thanks to high coefficient of performance (COP) to EN 14511
  • One of the quietest models on the market thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD), ideal for use in rows of terraced houses
  • Heating and cooling with a single appliance thanks to reversible circuit
  • High product quality and a modern, timeless design – Made in Germany
  • Integral 40 Litre buffer vessel
  • Maximum flow temperature up to 60 °C at – 10 °C outside temperature
  • Easy to operate Vitotronic control unit with plain text and graphic display
  • Optimised utilisation of self-generated power from photovoltaic systems
  • No refrigeration inspection required thanks to the monobloc format
  • Web-enabled through free ViCare app and Vitoconnect (optional)
Permissible operating pressure:
  • Heating water 3 bar
  • DHW 10 bar
Vitotronic 200 Type WO1C Control:
  • Digital heat pump control unit
  • Cylinder temperature control
  • Operation with user prompts
  • Control of an additional oil/gas boiler
  • Cascade control for up to 5 Vitocal (requires accessories)
  • Divicon/Mixer control of up to 1 heating circuit without mixer and 2 heating circuits with mixer (requires accessories)
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Optimised utilisation of power generated on site
  • Integral heat meter
Standard delivery:
Includes complete heat pump in monoblock version, comprising an indoor and outdoor unit:
Indoor Unit:
  • Integral steel DHW cylinder with Ceraprotect enamel coating, protected from corrosion by a protective magnesium anode, with thermal insulation
  • Integral diverter valve for central heating/DHW heating
  • Integral high efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit
  • Integral safety assembly for heating circuit
  • Integral instantaneous heating water heater
  • Weather-compensated Vitotronic 200 heat pump control unit with outside temperature sensor
  • Integral flow rate monitoring
  • Cylinder temperature sensor
  • Vitocell 100-E type SVPA 40 litre back-pack buffer vessel (for installation at the back of the appliance) which includes:
    • Thermal insualtion, black
    • Overflow valve (DN25, R1)
Outdoor Unit:
  • Factory-filled with refrigerant (R410A), inverter-controlled compressor
  • Reversing valve
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Evaporator, condenser and EC fan
  • Mounting plinth

Please note, to complete your heat pump fittings:

  • A suitably sized heating circuit expansion vessel is required (not supplied as standard delivery) see Accessories below
  • A Heating circuit connection set must be ordered to install the appliance (not supplied as standard delivery) see below
  • A below ground hydraulic connection set is required (not supplied as standard delivery) see below.

Don't forget to order a heating circuit connection set and below ground hydraulic connection set

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