Viessmann with tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

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Viessmann with tado° Smart Thermostat Starter kit (V3+) - Intelligent heating control via a smartphone.

Control your heating from anywhere with the tado° app on your smart phone. Make your life easier - let the tado° Climate Assistant take care of your comfort and savings.

Please note: tado° is not compatiable with the new PlusBus Vitodens 200/222 series boilers.

Climate Assistant Skills:

  • Geofencing. Helps you save energy when nobody is home.
  • Open Window Detection. Notices an open window to prevent unnecessary heating.
  • Weather Adaptation. Integrates weather information to assist in reducing your energy bill.
  • Insightful Reports. Display temperature and humidity profiles, heating activity and energy savings.
  • Air Comfort. Helps you keep a healthy climate at home.
  • Boiler Health Monitoring. Keeps you covered, notifying you when your boiler requires a technician.

Auto Assist.
Whenever tado° notices the last person has left the house, or a window was opened, you will receive a notification to toggle the setting for the heating. With Auto-Assist, the Geolocation and Open-Window-Detection are automated, letting tado° take care of your heating to greatly improve your comfort . Below is a list of service features and pricing:

Service Feature Smart Thermostats With Auto-Assist
Open-Window-Detection one simple click automated
Geofencing one simple click automated
Air Comfort Yes Yes
Smart Schedule Yes Yes
Insightful Reports Yes Yes
Weather Adaption Yes Yes
Pricing £0.00 with Smart Thermostats - Free £2.99 monthly with Auto-Assist - Subscription

How to subscribe to Auto-Assist.
The Auto-Assist monthly subscription is bookable in the app, only £2.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

Viessmann with tado° Box contains:

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Internet Bridge
  • Associated cables, adaptors and batteries.

Please note: The Viessmann with tado° Extension kit shall be required to wirelessly connect the Smart Thermostat and additional Smart Radiator Thermostats.

Download the Apps;
Google Play
Apple iTunes App Store

Watch the videos:
General installation training video
tado° installer training and certification

tado° user helpline - 020 3893 2059
tado° installer helpline - 020 3893 2159
Viessmann Technical - call 01952 675000 Option 3 or email

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7726292 tado° Extension kit Viessmann with tado° Extension kit (needed for wireless operation) RRP: £108.00 Price: £102.60 inc VAT Availability: call for availability Quantity:

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